"Scandinavian design has always been synonym with simplicity, quality, minimalism and functionality, all attributes we aim at taking to our approach to making and serving drinks and food.
At the heart of everything we do is a highly qualitative product.  We have worked tireless for month to find the very best ingredients we could possibly source. From local herbs and leaves only grown in the Israeli desert to handmade Scandinavian jams of exotic Scandinavian flavours, our quest to quality has taken us to re-consider and re-visit pretty much everything we believe as the norm in our trade.
From our very low refined-sugar approach (we try and only use natural sugars), to our recycling and trash separation program, we have decided to keep close to what we, the people behind Botanika, personally believe in.
That very same quest has even taken us to completely re-think how we handled one of the main ingredients in any cocktail: the ice.
We have spent month sourcing, and learning how to use some of the most advanced ice making equipment in the world, as well as working with a revolutionary water filtration system so that you can taste the difference. 
But there again, we want this to be seamless, and all about quality. We like our work to be transparent, in every sense of the term. Every cocktail you will be served has utilized each of its ingredients in a carefully planned manner. Unnecessary “smoking mirror and “fools gold “ has been removed: If it doesn’t help the cocktail, it should not be there. We think too much of you.
Finally, and in true Israeli-Scandinavian newly designed fashion, we kept everything we do around the famous “less is more “ adagio.
We hope you will enjoy our craft. We certainly enjoy serving it."

      - The Botanika bar team